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Car tires

A huge inventory of tires

Tires can make a huge impact on how your car handles. Your tires wear down quickly over time and when they do it leaves you more vulnerable to accidents especially in periods of inclement weather. Our shop carries a huge selection of tires for most vehicles and we carry all major tire brands.

The types of tires and brands we carry

  • Cars

  • Trucks  

  • Motorcycles

  • Tractor trailers

  • Cooper  

  • Dunlop

  • Kelly

  • Mastercraft

  • And more brands

Auto repair


Our diagnostic services can save you money by stopping minor car problems from turning into major issues. Don't put off regular auto appointments.

We are available 24 hours a day for towing service.

If you have any questions about our tires, give us a call.

Our shop carries specialized tires for different types of weather. One of the most popular types of tires that we carry is ones that are specifically designed to help you drive safely in the winter.  



With state of the art diagnostics